I‘m Rens Rikkerink. Software architect, gamer, hardware & cloud guy, aspiring pilot

I‘m someone that has been into tech for as long as I‘ve been alive. My parents always love to tell the story about how I loved to climb below counters to see how it all works. Though ultimately I had to specialise somewhere, and that‘s how I got into software development at the age of 9.

My life was pretty normal, for a real nerd. Doing things with calculators, making games, making tools, going to school, then going to work.
There was always a curiosity for everything else tech though. How do things work? What makes planes fly? How does that conveyor belt work? How does my car move?

It‘s probably safe to say that, when I got into my career, I actually learned a lot of those things. At Eastbridge I got into hardware: RFID readers? NFC? Conveyor belts? Whole sorting machines?
I had all this tech in my hands, and controlled it with my software. It was glorious.

Today, that love for everything surrounding software has expanded. I build servers. I run servers. I set up my own clusters. I run my own software on them. From backend to frontend. Usually, I have a perspective (and opinion) on the entire IT industry, and people love me for it.